(6 Pack) Chocolate Frosted Donut

(6 Pack) Chocolate Frosted Donut


Includes 6 donuts

These must be the winners in my entire dessert collection
Chocolate Frosted Donuts are pretty much the best thing ever. Don't you think? Especially, when they are Paleo and Delicious! Sweetened with Honey, these lovely donuts are a decadent dessert that can satisfy any sweet tooth.  

I love getting creative with these babies, so they will always be pretty:) Perfect for a special event to impress any guests. I will always ask ahead of time before I decorate a dessert with something different.

Ingredients: cacao powder , coconut flour, eggs, honey, lemon, orange, vanilla extract, avocado oil, cacao butter, non-hydrogenated vegetable shortening, turmeric, cinnamon, baking soda, salt 

*SCD Friendly, except for the cacao powder

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