can i have them delivered?

Yes! It is a small delivery cost depending on where you live. Typically, I don’t go further than 20-30 minutes away from my kitchen, but depending on the order size, I can always make exceptions. Just send me a message, and we can figure something out.

can i pick them up?

Yes! We can arrange for them to be picked up from my kitchen in North Portland. And, starting in June, you can pick up orders from my booth at the Kenton Farmers Market.

can i place custom orders?

You can DEFINITELY place Custom Orders. I understand dietary issues, and will try and help any way I can. Just send me a message and we can talk.


can i set up a subcription service?

I will have a subscription service set up soon where you can place orders for a rotating shipment.

Do you have seasonal flavors?

I will have flavors of products changing all the time! My standards will always be there, but I am very excited to take advantage of the wonderful fruit, flower, and herbal seasons we have in Portland!