Please place orders by Monday night at 11pm, and your treats will be sure to be delivered by Thursday night/Friday morning.

After your order, I will then contact you via email to plan a delivery time with you. Since they are all homemade, they can melt in the warmth and sun. It is best if you can leave a cooler out or be home for delivery time to collect your treats.

Because I also work as a Registered Nurse, delivery and baking times can shift slightly. If you have any special requests/special event, just message me and I will try to make you a priority in my scheduling!


All of my ingredients are Paleo with no added filler or hidden ingredients. Everything you see in the ingredient list is what is in your treats. That being said, I might also be able to modify my ingredient list if you have a sensitivity to a particular food or spice. Please add in the comment section of your ordering and let me know! Since I am also a nurse, and health coach, and Crohns Warrior, I am very knowledgeable about other diets. Thanks so much!


shelf life

Because all of my products are homemade with no added fillers or starches, the desserts you order are best consumed by 4-5 days after storing in the refrigerator. They do melt, so please make sure to store them in the refrigerator or cooler shortly after delivery.